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Aftermarket Rearview Camera

You have found a site totally dedicated to providing the highest quality aftermarket rearview camera on the web.  Customer service and secure transactions are also our priority .Aftermarket rearview camera technology has saved many lives and will become a required feature on new vehicles in the United States by May, 2018. Take a look at the News Video below for insights on this extremely important development.

Mandatory RearView Camera Law

Every year about 18,000 pedestrians are insured and 300 killed in crashes where a motorist is backing up a vehicle. Studies have been conducted by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that shows that many of these tragedies can be avoided by aftermarket rear view camera technology available today. See more on auto safety.

Aftermarket Rearview Camera

An aftermarket rear view camera will prove to be an important tool for safety. Revealing the blind spot behind vehicles will save lives and prevent property damage. Our site endeavors to bring you a wide variety of aftermarket rearview cameras for cars at affordable prices from Amazon.

An aftermarket rear view camera gives us all a chance to have a much better and safer driving experience. We all know how many times people run their cars over things and people and even cause deaths. Driving has become a part of our lives these days and safety while doing it has become important. If you have taken precautions to ensure that you can see in that blind spot behind you while backing up you have gone a long way toward making conditions safer for your driving. An aftermarket rear view camera has become indispensable. So much so, all new vehicles as of the year 2018 will be required by the US government to be equipped with a rearview camera. As of today around 67% of US cars are equipped with an aftermarket rearview camera. It saves you from crashing your car into objects and people which may save you a tremendous amount of money and grief. A lot of people have become so accustomed to utilizing this feature in their car that they have found it to be very hard to back up a vehicle without it. If you are considering getting an aftermarket rear view camera for your car it is key to look for a few vital features. Make sure they are waterproof and shockproof. Many people find themselves having difficulty when trying to back up their vehicle. Having to look from right to left, extending your neck from the window and having to look at the front or side mirror can make it very difficult to drive a car in reverse. In addition to these concerns, it is been found that motorists can only see about 70% of what is behind the vehicle when backing up. A feeling or intuition represents the other 30%. These statistics does not bode well for safe driving. Just one more reason to have a rear view camera

Examine an aftermarket rear view camera on our site. You will certainly find one to your liking. And remember that you are making your purchase through Amazon. A product from Amazon ensures that you will be totally satisfied or you can return the product for a refund of your money. Amazon has a reputation of being one of the most reliable sites on the internet for quality products and high customer satisfaction. So don't hesitate another moment. Go right away and purchase that aftermarket rearview camera that is best for you.